Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Conversation over the Cheese and Crab Spread

As we entered the grocery store, daughter and I spotted an old friend by the cheese counter. We had a short conversation -- just catching up. Then, thinking about this week's BioGem on Norman Rockwell, I asked THE question: "Who was editor when you were at Saturday Evening Post?" He calmly said, "I was." I babbled a bit about my little bios and Rockwell. He asked if I had the big Rockwell book. I said, "No."

We moved on and met up again at the crab spread. He asked if I knew that Rockwell and Pollock had had the same teacher. I said, "No. Oh, yes! At the Art Students League." He said, "You did do your research." I promised to mail a copy of my BioGem to him. He said, "You know, I was at his funeral."

I came home and did a search for this man whose mother was a friend of my husband's grandmother, whose father had been a town mayor, who owns one of the most wonderful houses in my neighborhood, who knows art and history and poetry, who writes books and reads from them around the country.

I learned a little more about my friend who I knew had worked at "The Saturday Evening Post", "Holiday" and other Curtis publications I learned that he worked with Thomas Buechner on The Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Book. I learned that he wrote the foreword. Oh, my! Dare I send my funny little BioGem to him?

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