Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poppies on a Bowl

My mother recently gave me a bowl which was hand-painted with poppies floating down the sides and dripping over the edges. I have always loved poppies, but I'm not sure she knew that.

It just seems they have always been around. The modest yellow California ones filled the edges of Grandmother's garden and the big flamboyant red ones are a rare and exciting addition in family gardens or whenever I have spotted them (even when there are whole fields of them as in France!)

I don't know if it is the cheery sparkle of sunlight or the ruffled 'promness' surrounding the magical black-centers which touches me the most. I suspect it is the mystery of those luscious ones; the feeling that there's something about them I don't understand.

My painting of the windmills and the poppies has become a part of my permanent collection. It is one of our favorite paintings and was pronounced by Lucy as "art galleriable." Yet there are things in it which still surprise me.

Perhaps it is that magic which seems to separate the blooms from the foliage and makes them seem in competition whenever I paint stems and leaves under those resplendent shapes.

Perhaps it is because of the symbolism which is given by many cultures to such an ancient plant.

Perhaps it is simply that my Other Grandmother painted poppies on a bowl.

China bowl painted by AMS 1973
Anemos - 48 x 60 - oil/canvas - AAB

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those Red Switches

It was a quick trip to Edgefield County -- Home of Ten Governors including our Cousin Strom.

As we turned off the main highway onto the little country roads which snake through groves of Carolina peaches, I was struck by the color of late afternoon. We became part of the golden glow from the setting sun which spread over the landscape and its rows of perfectly pruned peach trees.

But, wait! There was something else. . . there was RED! Slender red branches rising from each peach tree and adding to the surreal view. Skinny red stems waiting for the first pale pink blossoms of spring! Yard-long red switches preparing for the weight of a summer harvest.

Our drive was in search of misplaced classroom keys but, in a landscape which just last week was sharply defined by an unusual snowfall and gnarly black trunks, we found the unexpected stirrings of spring. In the middle of winter, we found Spring just showing her colors and getting ready.

Yes, there is inspiration in those red switches.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Week of Good Stuff

So I did no blogging last week. . .

Since these little entries are notes on my days, it must seem that I lost a whole week! I'll have to think about it. I must have done something. I gotta make better notes!

I DID post this photo on Facebook for my cousin Sheryl. She thought my accident photos looked like "elder abuse." She likes this one better. The nose is still crooked and there are still scrapes and dings on parts of my body, but I think this is as good as it gets.

Okay. I've looked at my calendar and checked for new photos in my iPhone.

I DID do some things.

I DID find some days of . . .

pink guitars

red trees

yellow blossoms



It was a week of good stuff.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Color of the Week: SNOW

Over the weekend, our largest snowfall since 1973. It came quickly; it left quickly. A few angels, hearts and happy snowpeople were around for Valentine's Day.

Berries for the birds.

View from the kitchen window.

Across the back fence.

Lovin' the white stuff.

Staying warm after a run in the snow.

Joy. Peace. Exuberance. Quiet. Warmth.
That is the color of a little SNOW.

Update on Sugar: Her hair is growing and she has gained about four pounds. I think she has figured out that she is not going back to the streets or the dog pound. A happy Valentine's Day for her.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Quote of the Day: Ask Lucy

This is definitely art galleriable.

4 year old Lucy

After Christmas, my daughters and I were visiting among the boxes of ornaments and decorations when Lucy called us to attention. "Now be quiet, everyone, and put on your Museum manners."

When we were quiet, she conducted a little role play -- a museum tour of the "galleries" and paintings in the house. We didn't move, but she presented a narrated tour of the rooms and some of my most colorful paintings.

At one point, Lucy asked us to wait a bit while she checked to see which gallery she needed to go into to find "Sea Biscuit," her favorite painting at the Museum (although I do have a "horse" painting.) At another point, she tried to use the word "valuable," but declared that anyway it was "definitely art galleriable."

Lucy used her newly coined term -- "definitely art galleriable" -- several times during her tour and I have thought of the term since. I have considered my paintings and tried to determine which are satisfactory, which look good on the walls and which are "definitely art galleriable."

I think I might have to Ask Lucy.

Photos of Lucy at her white board
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Friday, February 05, 2010

A Reminder to Self

Day 5

Ah, it seems to be getting better.

Oh, dear. It is getting worse before it gets better.

Maybe a little more makeup. . . .

Day 8

Reminder to self:

"Don't get personal with a sidewalk."

Yep. Reminder. To. Self.

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