Saturday, February 18, 2006

Eccentric Passion

This week, I followed a funny link to the particularly lovely book village of Montlieu. There was an interesting photo, but the French paragraph did not seem to fit. I sent the link to those of us preparing to participate in the French residency in April. Karen translated it through Babelfish and it still doesn't fit the photo of several people floating down a river in a giant paper hat!

"A village of the book should be a country where one maintains the huts and restores the savour of the world, the memory of the moment and the discovery of slowness, the love of the beginnings and the losses of sights, where the liberation of the dwarves of gardens is a banal eccentric passion."

It may be a bizarre translation, but wouldn't you like to go there? I'll let you know what we find.

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Martha Marshall said...

Yay! I got the message that said you'd updated your blog. Now I won't miss a single post! Good stuff, Annette.