Sunday, February 12, 2006

Seasons Greetings

I love our house all dressed up for Christmas Holidays and absolutely refuse to pack things away until January 6th -- I like the 12 Days of Christmas. I finally figured out that I could spread it a little longer if I left snow things up through January. This year with record warm temperatures outside, the small snowman tree with a different snowman for each month, the snowflakes and even the snowman nativity stayed around to brighten the winter days.

Now it's February and time to put them away and the temperatures have plummeted. Do snowmen and Valentine hearts go together? (I hope so!)

My friends in the Northeastern states are snuggled under two feet of snow while some of us are making itinerary plans for April in the South of France! Karen mentioned a possible day trip to the Mediterranean, so I dug through some old photos and found these from my sketching trip in fall of 1996 -- one is a greeting to my daughters and the other is me painting on 'la plage.' (Gotta check that word.)

Hope these will warm you up!

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