Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Weed Vase

When my daughters were small, they often picked tiny blue wild flowers or yellow weeds or intersting grasses and presented them to me with pride. I placed them carefully in a small weed pot or glass vase in the kitchen window. There has been a weed vase in my kitchen now for almost 40 years. I hope younger daughter will continue the tradition as grandaughter Lucy toddles across the lawn this summer and says, "Here, Mommy, this bootiful flow'r is for you."

Today, I picked the first wild violets of the year and older daughter and I placed them carefully in two little antique bottles. The varigated whites and royal blues glowed in the sunshine.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Joyce said...

This posting reminds me of the time my mother wrote a letter and included some mayflowers that she had picked that day. I still have those dried flowers and I think of her when I see them or other flowers. She died 3 years ago but I still miss her.