Sunday, March 05, 2006

Awaiting Spring

One of the most amazing things about communications in today's world with emails and blogs is that people are actually writing again. The descriptions of daily life, the weather and celebrations are not unlike the letters my grandmother received from her friends with an occasional article clipped carefully from the newspaper or photograph tucked inside.

Emails from friends and blogs of strangers are beginning to have strings of words which describe the awakening of spring where they live. There is the unspoken sense of renewed hope in the adjectives and modifiers that even my toughest English teacher would have loved. What a treat for me!

I could tell you about the coming of spring
in middle Georgia.

I could describe some of my favorite signs,
but I think that, today, I'll just tuck in
a photo or two of the tree next door.


Joyce said...

Oh, you are so lucky having trees in bloom. Where I am there is still snow on the ground and the days are below freezing; I am waiting patiently for spring. However, the woodpeckers and chickadees are all over the place to make things better. One little chickadee is so brave as to fly right over my head in a big swoop! I suspect it has been fed by some human being.

I love the blossoms. We won't be seeing them until late May.

KJ said...

What a lovely neighborhood you have, Annette! I've been watching the buds on our neighbor's pepperment peach tree swell... they will have both red and white flowers on a trunk bent like a painting on a Japanese screen. Wish I could have picked through that attic sale as well... sounds like a good one!

Annette said...

Everything begins to burst about this time. There are marvelous colors with masses of white from wile plums in the woods. Later the white will be dogwoods. A few azaleas are peeping out and the folks at the Augusta National will be icing theirs down to keep them from peaking before the Masters. Our birds are still chirping, but I'm afraid we will not have as many since one of the studio cats is a hunter. But, I love this time of year.

we have one of those old neighborhoods with some good and some bad. It has slowly returned to good -- block by block since I have been here. The attic sale was great fun; you would have loved it.