Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Chapters

Some days, there is little to add to the blog. Like today. Just more work on the writing project all day today. I finished writing the outline of a few more chapters -- such a time consuming job, but one which seems to be working. I am torn between the writing and preparing for the studio time in France. Thank goodness, packing will be a matter of mostly painting clothes and some brushes.

I did take a break earlier in the day to chat with Lucy on the phone. I sang "This Little Piggie Went to Market" and she giggled while her mamma pinched her toes. Can you believe she is seven months today? I love this photo of her in front of her mirror.

Another chapter for me.
Another chapter for Lucy.


Martha Marshall said...

Lucy is so adorable! She looks like her grandmother too.

KJ said...

That baby looks just like you, Annette!!! KJ