Thursday, March 30, 2006

Out the Door!

We were up and out the door about 8:30. The shuttle for the airport was waiting to leave at 9:30. This quote from Ellie Clemens is something we will think about on the long flight:
"As for what I want to gain, or what any of us would gain, I think what
is fascinating is the idea of women who have known each other online for
years, and have even met from time to time (at least some of us), being
in a space, and for a long period, where they can be working together on
their art for the first time, to see each other as artists at work and
be able to add that dimension to the words-on-the-screen dimension.

Art itself is a transition from thought space to physical space -
transforming ideas into something solid, palpable, something we can see
and touch. Transforming friendships from cyberspace to art space seems
to be an intriquing - and brave - thing to do!" -e

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