Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Date and Time" Is Irrelevant - Day 15

April 14
I just labeled my page 'Thursday'. It's Friday!
When you are in the South of France, date and time is irrevelant. . .

An early morning market was just what we needed to refill the pantry in Maison des Cerisiers. We found the first globe grapes from Italy, some excellent breads, a few gifts and our usual produce, sausage and cheese. We bought paella for three and were disappointed to not find the scarf merchant and the fabric man. Looking for 'souvenirs,' we went to a florist shop which had 'souvenirs' for funerals! As we left, Karen misstepped the curb falling flat on the pavement. We finished shopping and spent the afternoon watching her injuries. We are pleased to report that all our purchases were excellent!

On another note: We had checked at La Poste for the envelopes bearing the imprinteur of the upcoming "Chemin des Artistes." Someone found them today in Chalabre and Ellie autographed them for us! Her painting is on the cover of the studio tour brochure and so, is on the stamped envelop!!

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