Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jet Lagging and Thanks

Obviously, there were no blog updates while I was gone. -- As there is time, I will add the daily pages from my sketchbook, so France WILL show up. You'll just have to remember to check these pages. I'll try to remind everyone with a current blog posting. If you don't want to miss any of my wonderful words, you may want to subscribe to BushStrokes through Blogarhithms.
Today, I am resting, unpacking, reading mail and catching up. And did I mention resting? But today, I have thought of all the people who made the last month so special. Here is my official list of thank-yous to:
The American Artists:
----Ellie and her husband, John, and Dalmation, Daffy -- for checking out the program and facilities at Cat'Art, reassuring us that it is a good place, meeting Karen and me at the airport in Toulouse even after a 5 hour flight delay and sharing their new world in the Aude with us.
----Karen for sharing the planes, airports and frustrations of international travel, car rental, food shopping and spur-of-the moment excursions as my Residency partner and for the use of her laptop when I suddenly needed it;
----Cheryl for finding the travel deals and communicating with Cat'Art for all of us and for the use of her USB jump drive when I suddenly needed it;
----Pat for listening and for explaining how to use a Mac computer and its French keyboard when I suddenly needed it.
----Robin for her enthusiasm and her camera along with CDs of my images when mine suddenly stopped working.
----Raya for her quiet presence and house cleaning as the third member of the Maison du Cerisier and her inspiring diligence in working daily in the studio.

The Cat'Art team:
----Catherine for her gentle direction of the Center and its programs
----Cristophe for managing operations of the Center with smiling efficiency
----Josep for learning to love a place where artists can be inspired
----Addy for doing the unsung stuff like the grass cutting, the cooler hot water, the minor repairs . . .
----Nicolae for the surprising pieces of his work which we stumbled upon everyday.

And then there is family and old friends and new friends . . .

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