Monday, April 10, 2006

Paths and Meadows - Day 10

April 9
Karen and I decided to skip the Sunday market in Espéraza and just headed toward Lavelanet and a good boulangerie. We found a great one at Bastide sur l'Hers and bought cheese tarts, fruit and bread. Then we just rode through the countryside, turning whenever something caught an eye.

When the pavement ended, we kept going and discovered that our tiny Opal can pull the rocky slopes -- even on a walking trail which is clearly marked with yellow slashes and route markets!!

We explored the village of Léran and came upon a beautiful green pasture lined with double, well-trimmed hedges. I think the sheep were 'mowing' the lawn.

As we stood on the road overlooking the meadows, we were passed by families cycling, dog-walkers and lost tourists. No one seemed to think it strange that we were sketching in our little books.

Across the road from the meadow, the chateaux has been renovated for wealthy weekenders, but we loved sketching bits and pieces of it.


After we got home, we decided to invite everyone from the Patio House for soup. It was the last night of Debbie's visit with Robin and soon Catherine, Christophe, Nicolae and Kong Yee were added to the list. Christophe built a great roaring fire in our fireplace. Ellie and John brought Daffy the Dalmation and the big round table was filled with the laughter and conversation of a dozen new friends. Our downstairs dining room is a perfect party place. Everyone took bunches of photos and wished both Debbie and Kong Yee, "Bon Journeé" . . . Bisou, bisou, bisous went all round!

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