Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Starry, Starry Night - Day 12

April 11

Today was filled with an assortment of images. I awoke during the night and could see a host of strange lights through the trees. My window is not curtained and some of the glass is very old and wavy so the view from my pillow was almost surreal. I got up to find out where the lights were and was amazed to find STARS!! Oddly, Raya and Karen woke about the same time, so we all went outside to share this glorious night. In the morning, the clouds were back.

Later in the day, Karen and I went to see the sculptures she had bought for her garden.(Note: The sculpture studio in the village part of Cat'Art is home to David Vanderbeek. You can find some of his work at
Karen also bought a dragon fly which is created from old vineyard wires; I want an ant.)

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