Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dior, Cat'Art and the Paradox

One of the things I missed while in France was my daily visit on the website of the Metropolitan Museum as a new work of art pops up on my screen and I spend a minute or two exploring some tiny jewel. A Dior dress one day last week seemed perfect for the images which are now in my head from the South of France. The description with the dress says that "Dior reveled in the paradox of the natural and the sophisticated." The dress is called "May" and is described as "'simple' patterning of meadow-gone-to-weed" and "flowering grasses and wild clover . . . rendered in silk floss on organza. You can see the dress and more at:

Dior would have fit perfectly in the paradox which is Cat'Art -- a Center for Contemporary Art hidden away in a tiny ancient village -- where forgotten spaces are being renewed with the creative spirits of today's artists. Check the blog entries for April 1-5 for my impressions of the first days. You may want to begin with entries from late March to know a little more about the trip.

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