Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On Being Remembered

Several years ago, I judged the Outdoor Art Exhibit at Piccolo Spoleto in Charlesto, SC. I surprised myself by selecting a very traditional painting for the top prize. The selection stunned the artist who "thought it might be a mistake" and pleased the Mayor who got to hang it in his office for a year. When Mayor Joe Riley presented the award, Joanne Evans cried on the shoulder of his good suit! Since then, awards have become a regular thing for her and I often get updates. This week, she sent a press release about her selection in a national competition sponsored by Early American Life magazine as "Best of the Best" in representing 17th and 18th century art. The release states that "Beginning in the early 17th century, classical fine art began what was considered a radical departure from historical style. Most evident in the 'new' subject matter was the departure of human representation in the artist's work. . . .Flowers, fruit, animals and other objects were presented in elegant detail, but normally without human presence or representation. . . ."

I had a job to do and she deserved the award, but I appreciate being remembered. You can see her work at www.joanneevans.com

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