Monday, June 05, 2006

Stairs to Dreams

This creaky set of stairs lead to the studio in the French residency. They were worn by many feet and got tinier as they curved around a hollowed out piece of log on the way to the top. They were the way to the ideas which each of us had for the residency and our dreams for its impact on our work. We had to make a conscious decision to climb the stairs and reach for those dreams.

I have posted the last of the sketchbook pages in the April archives. I think you will see that a sketch a day doesn't have to be wonderful, finished or frameable; it just has to be. I'd like to hear of your progress. I will occasionally post some of my continuing sketches (although not the ones of my bare feet I did last night!) and some photos of the trip as I feel that they relate to other parts of my days and weeks to come. I hope you have enjoyed the sketches and the report on the residency. I will also be interested in hearing how you think the month in the South of France has affected my work processes and the dreams which will come from my brush.


KJ said...

What wonderful memories locked into your clever sketches! Thanks for sharing, they add so much to our experience. This will be a favorite bookmark for times when photos aren't enough to relive those delightful days. KJ

Martha Marshall said...

Your sketches are just beautiful, Annette! I've enjoyed them so much.