Friday, July 21, 2006

If you've wondered

...why I've not posted lately?

...where I've been?

...what I've been doing?

This picture should be all you need to get the answers!


Yes, I've shifted some paintings, done some sketches, and put a little paint on some things, but this has been the most important part of my month.

There will be some major changes in my household in the months to come, it will be interesting to see how they affect life in the studio.


KJ said...

You are having an AWESOME summer! Lucy deserves every minute of your time and you deserve her ;-) Time flies too fast and art can wait. I want that hammock! KJ

Annette said...

Traded a $40 watercolor for this glorious hand-tied double hammock about 20 years ago. Can you believe I thought twice about making the deal with the delightful craftsman and his wife?

Pat said...

What a wonderful summer you are having! Make the most of it as those days fly away so fast.

I want that hammock too! green with envy!


Annette said...

I suspect this is a summer which won't be repeated. The easel is beginning to glare at me!

Martha Marshall said...

I called my husband in to show him this picture. That baby is just precious.

Annette said...

Although she is spoiled rotten, she rarely cries. The plan is for Lucy and her Mom to move in with me while her dad is in Afganistan. I suspect we will have lots of hammock time. AAB