Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Acts of Seasons Changing

It has been a while since I have posted. I really meant to write some things down. I have some pretty cool notes, a few odd sketches, a photo or two, but it has been the last of summer and the first of autumn. . . . Here are a few observations.
1. The last of the summer concerts brought good crowds to the outdoors just as the evenings became comfortable for listening. Now, the new schedules fill the mailbox with lovely formal programs or funky combinations of styles promising longer selections, better paid guest artists and, sometimes, tables for eight. No more dogs under the chairs, blankets spread for picnicking or mosquitoes adding their own brand of music to the evening. Perhaps a new outfit or two is in order.

2. As the days grow cooler, the cats who slept stetched out long and skinny during the dog days of summer, make cat commas throughout the house and begin to scout out spots for winter naps. Fred likes a lap or Lucy's pillow; Greene loves a box, Vinnie nestles in a dining room chair just under the table cloth, Boomie likes the cushion in the chair at the top of the stairs and Maggie the deaf kitty hids in spots where she will feel safe. They are getting ready and they don't have a calendar or a weatherman.

3. The big yellow school bus blows its horn each morning and empties the neighborhood of children's voices, mammas' scolding and teenagers booming music. Some days it is almost too quiet -- until the afternoon when the bus lumbers down the street to return its cargo.

4. In the bird bath, there are red seeds from the magnolia pods at the Widow's Home down the street and the Asian ladies are watching the ripening fruits on the soon-to-be brilliant golden Gingko trees -- hints that it is time to prepare a Celebration of Moon Viewing.

5. Homecoming and Reunion weekends are planned for Alums to return to their Alma Maters to see old friends and professors. This year, we will -- for the first time in 175 years -- have a football game on the schedule.

Random Acts of Seasons Changing. . . .

Like Fred, I have just enjoyed without really paying attention and I don't think I'm ready.


Walker said...

hey Annette - Reading your blog today reminds me again of your two wonderful skills, writing and drawing. Why don't you write an illustrated book? (grin) Robin

Martha Marshall said...

I had the same exact thought this morning about a book illustrated with your drawings, Annette! You really ought to do it.

Annette said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, Robin and Martha. Maybe one of these days, those sprites you think are flitting around in my head will grow up to be books. Meanwhile, I'll just try to keep up with the blogging. ;-]

KJ said...

That works for me ;-) Good to have you back on my must-read list. KJ

Joyce said...

You have really tuned in to the changing of the season. Today on my walk, the loudest sounds I heard were the leaves falling from the trees. It sounded almost like rain drops. Beautiful!

Annette said...

Joyce, I enjoy your appreciation of nature and listened for the leaves this afternoon. I just heard lots of acorns falling!

Karen, I'll try to write more often.

BTW, Robin and Martha, I did illustrate a book -- a Swiss geneaology. It's filled with drawings of cemeteries and tombstones. I'll scan a few of my favorites.