Friday, January 19, 2007

Condensed Art

Well, Alyson at ArtBizBlog has touched on another museum which I have recently visited -- the Columbia (SC)Museum of Art. Unlike my unhurried visit to The High Museum, this time was quick, fun, an almost "don't stop to look or we won't see it all."

Lucy's Mamma had an appointment nearby, so I took Lucy to her first museum. We saw the pictures of babies in some beautiful paintings and, like Alyson, paused a long time before the Botticelli. We saw a photography show with pictures of a baby from a father's point of view. We saw Frank Lloyd Wright's furniture, but did not take time to read the words -- Lucy liked the interesting lamps. We saw some sculpture -- Lucy blew a kiss to a sculpture of a sad man -- and slabs of glass and antique silver tea sets. We stopped near a window for a snack, examined the elevator buttons and learned about the water fountain. Also, like Alyson, we were distracted by a group of volunteers in a sunlit gallery who were making table decorations for an evening event -- flowers and sparklies.

We were there about an hour and our stroller hardly stopped rolling. I noticed things I had not seen before as I 'curated' a show of things I thought a 16 month old would enjoy. In the past, I would have spent my one hour really looking at a few things, but this was a great way to revisit a familiar place.

I hope Lucy and I get to go again. Maybe they will let us have tea with one of their 'good' ones.


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

It's great to see a museum with children! You end up looking at entirely different "stuff" or look at the old "stuff" with fresh eyes. Good for you for not being afraid to take Lucy to the museum. Get her used to it.

KJ said...

I know I've got a pic of you pointing your finger just exactly like that. What fun to watch Lucy grow!