Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Creative Seduction

Some lovely photos from Martha Marshall on her blog reminded me of an afternoon visit I made to the Castleberry Hill District in Atlanta last month. I spent all my (very short) time at the open studio of Jerry Maschinot. Photographs on this site show a little of his work.

His studio shows evidence of longevity -- leftover bits and pieces, works from old series, flotsam and jetsam from producing, showing and selling his work, a string of lights from a forgotten party, ribbons from awards both major and minor. His photographs and his pottery reflect his interest in surface and design. Both prove the technical ability which he has developed to create very personal statements. His creative energy fills the space.

I prowled around until I found some photos which struck my fancy. I selected a couple and browsed through a little more of the studio.

Then I spotted an unusual pot which I loved immediately.
No price!

I asked if it was an old series or a new direction. How could I not buy a piece which the artist had held onto for several years . . . and then decided he couldn't keep everything . . . and just put it on the shelf for an unsuspecting buyer to love?!

Aargh! I am so easily seduced by color and texture and shape. Once it was broccoli.

I think this is better.

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