Monday, April 30, 2007

Finding my way back

So. . . I have had a little sabbatical from blogging. I've missed it.

Shortly after I posted about joining classmates at the Futurity in January, I realized I wouldn't be up to it. I knew I was sick, sick, sick -- some kind of respiratory ailment.

Although the next 6 weeks were a little hazy and were spent mostly in an upstairs bedroom, I did make notes on a few things which were more interesting than the coughs which seemed to crack a rib or burst a bra, the wads of tissues which overflowed the trashcan and threatened to take over the bedroom as if some really bad poet was doing rewrites, and the visits to the doctor which required dressing in real clothes instead of my really grungy PJs. My energy level hit zero and my brain cells took a vacation.

All of this while this little bundle of energy and her mother were moving in for the next year.


I did make a few notes of things I'd like to share here.

***There was the death of a friend/mentor, a note on a friend's blog and an interview by a middle school student in February.

***There was early spring walks by the River with daughter and granddaughter in March.

***There were Easter egg hunts, tea parties and new kitties at our house in April.

***There was a short trip to the coast for me where I shared a couple of days with friends and explored a sculpture near by.

***There was more time to practice with my camera and some resulting photos I like -- such as these.
(What?!! You think she is an angel ALL the time.)

So, I'll transcribe my notes and add some stuff for these missing months, just because I think I'd like to know what happened during February, March and April when I return to my own archives!

You can read them. . . . Or not.


KJ said...

Well, she's sure not going to break any cameras! How fun for us to watch her grow and for you to record the process. Sorry you had such a miserable bout with whatever it was, glad you're back to blogging and enjoying what Spring we have left.

Annette said...

She's great to photograph, but I have learned to be very fast and to shoot lots since I get lots of backgrounds with no Lucy. This year will be interesting for sure. I really feel sorry for folks with "real jobs" who had what I had. It was a tough bug -- most were out for at least 4 weeks. Yes, it was an odd spring; decidedly different from April 2006.