Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bon à Rien

Pour agir, il faut une forte dose de défauts. Un homme sans défauts n'est bon à rien.
In order to act, we need a good dose of faults. A man without defects is good
for nothing. --Jacques Chardonne

I love this quote. Makes me feel OK! I certainly don't want to be 'good for nothing' -- I have a laundry lists of faults.

Remnants of Old Garden, 22"x28" watercolor

There is always an interesting quote and a lovely photo on Kristin Espinasse's french-word-a-day blog which keeps me reading. An Arizona native, Kristin writes about the adjustments of living in France with a wine connoisseur (now vineyard owner) and her two 'French' children. Part of her writing charm is her ability to laugh at herself and her 'defects' as she and her family go through daily life.

Even if you never learn French, travel to France or grow grapes, it's a good addition to your morning email. You might even recognize yourself in her travel tales in this post.

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