Friday, July 20, 2007

A Hefty Response

With an almost two year old, a paper maker and an artist in the house, storage of small items becomes crucial. Gallon sized zipclosure bags are the best answer. So a month or so ago, I purchased some Hefty(R) One Zip(R) Slider Bags. I opened the first one to store some leftovers and the food just fell out! I checked the bag: The slider worked and the seal was closed. The problem was that the plastic had not caught in the zip section. Aargh.

Thinking I would get little or no response, I decided to send an email anyway to let the manufacturer know. Imagine my surprise when I got a terrific email asking that I send the package and a few of the bags AT THEIR EXPENSE for their manufacturing manager to examine. I explained that it would be a while because it was the week of the new baby's arrival. The return email said not to worry about it and that I would get some coupons in the mail. I did.

Later, after Belle had come home and things settled, I mailed the packaging and bags. Another surprise! More coupons and a check for the postage. I thought this needed to be shared.

My thanks to Arlene Stafford, the Consumer Affairs Representative, and the other folks at Pactiv Corporation. I'll certainly be using their products as often as I can.


CMC said...

good idea, Annette. Tell people about good companies. I can't say the same for the MS Office people on my software......and after being a good customer for years. I may have to go to a MAC and without any MS products when my computers get older.


Annette Bush said...

Yes, Cheryl
I thought this deserved a kudo! We've always contacted companies when there is a problem -- mostly because they can't fix a problem if they don't know there is one -- and gotten such awful response from other companies (such as Pantene when my hair was failing out) that this one was just a real treat.