Sunday, July 01, 2007

It Was A Good Week

When we first arrived last Saturday, we noticed a strange little orangey spider near the back door. We didn't disturb the web, but checked it as we passed in and out. Later in the week, we noticed that it was gone and suddenly the web appeared above the dining table -- suspended between the plants which I used as centerpieces and the light on the ceiling fan. Each afternoon, it disappeared and then it was rebuilt. It was interesting and beautiful construction and, again, we didn't disturb it. We enjoyed seeing it and watching the little creature close-up. On Friday, a visitor said, "Oh, you have a spider" and reached out destroying the web. Our spider didn't come back. We all felt a sense of loss.

As I said before, "It is a place away, a time away. It is what each person makes it. " It is a place where spiders are allowed to just hang out, bird nests are left in window sills and cats sleep on the overhead rafters.

A few more contradictions for the week.
This year, cardboard "funeral home" fans cooled the congregation to the rhythm of a new keyboard with lots of bells and whistles after the old piano simply gave out.
Someone decided that the "young people" needed to have some new kinds of music; the young people wanted to sing the old stuff.
An old-fashioned preacher in new fashioned clothes held everyone's attention with new ways of thinking about The Lord's Prayer. Amen.
Two-week-old Belle mostly slept while our 98 year old friend Esther had her usual sparkle as she greeted old friends.
Lucy and I watched for the moon each night and, in the daytime, admired strange bugs and spiders and avoided the ants.

We packed up dirty clothes, left-over food and the three cats who were allowed to go. It was a good week.

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