Friday, August 31, 2007

Lessons From Lucy: The Process

I was interested in the comments this week about my photos of Lucy. I do think that good pictures have to do with a combination of good photography and keeping a camera on-hand. (I think the subject has a little to do with it as well, but grandmothers are allowed to be a little prejudiced. . . . Well, aren't they?)

I keep my tiny digital camera and a little notebook with me almost all the time -- upstairs, downstairs, on the porch, in the car, in meetings. I do have to remember to use them. I have loved editing, cropping and looking for that second meaning in the photos just as I do with painting. So today, I offer this little photo essay about "The Process."

1. Getting Started. "I'm thinking." Lucy is obviously considering two ways to go with her creation. What will she use? Paint? Collage? Or Both?

2. Decision Making. "It's Just Not Working." Lucy finds that the process is not always straight forward with expected results. Some adjustments must be made! "Maybe I'm not sitting in the right position."

3. Taking a Fresh Look. "I Need a Break." Lucy learns that sometimes the best answer is just to stop for a while and take a walk around the block, have a snack.

4. Finding Satisfaction. "I Like It." Don't push so hard. Sometimes its just supposed to FEEL right.

5. Knowing when to stop. "I'm Done." There might be some tweaking later, but for now Lucy has worked hard, likes what she has and thinks she'll ride her tricycle -- in her pink dress-up shoes, of course.


KJ said...

No doubt, she's in training for running through International airports in high heels, oui?

Annette Bush said...

Mais oui! She DOES love shoes of all kinds and will certainly be spotted in high heels. I think it's hereditary.

CMC said...

h hahah.......good gosh, I was just rolling thinking the same thing about the shoes. Needless to say, example is the best teacher.

Annette Bush said...

Just so you know we don't always wear high heels, I did buy her some Crocs. They are hot pink with white dribbles; mine are plain hot pink! (very big grin)