Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo of the Day: The Curiosity of Shoes

There they were. Lined up between two garbage cans as neatly as in a closet. Just waiting on the curb.

They were comfortably worn, but not worn out. Yet there they were. I speculated on the reason for the change in a whole wardrobe of shoes. New job. Bad knees. Sex change . . . .

Except for the sneakers, they were all gone the next morning.

Curiosity. Brain food for artists.



Walker said...

love it! R

Joyce said...

Annette, shoes are great things to paint.

Annette Bush said...

Robin,I thought you might enjoy it.

Joyce, Your mini-shoe paintings and Robin's large cowboy boots sure prove that shoes are great to paint!

Funny how things just show up when you least expect them.