Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advent at Our House I

It has been another week when notes are made and not posted so and I am catching up while the little ones and their mother are away with their other grandmother. I've combined some images to share our month of getting ready for Christmas and the next few entries are about Advent at Our House.

Decorating and Preparing for Christmas
Usually, the first thing decorated in our house is the long flight of stairs. This year, our big tree went up first since son-in-law was home from his military duties for two weeks R&R. We had a special meal and opened presents for everyone -- an early Christmas.

Some new garland and some bells in honor of Belle's arrival into the family this year swag the stairs and adorn the front door wreath.

Our collection of nutcrackers fill the stairs and an upstairs mantle; Lucy was delighted to see each one of her old friends and to introduce them to Belle.

My collection of nativities is all around the house and there are angels -- both handmade and elegant -- on a downstairs mantle. (The three Kings were added this year by older daughter.)

The 10 foot tree fills the corner and is shared with the neighborhood through tall front windows and a side window.

The eyes of two tiny little girls reflect the twinkly lights on the mantels and smaller trees throughout the house and prepare our hearts for the arrival of Baby Jesus.


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