Monday, December 31, 2007

For This I Am Grateful

The days of Two Thousand and Seven have been unlike most of my days over the last forty years. I have done no painting, and only a little writing. I have attended few meetings and tackled no projects. I have simply been a grandmother to two charmers. (Hey, they are mine, I can say that!)

The children have only a few months left to live in our house. We hope they will live nearby, but Susan and I, along with Fred, Vinnie, Boomie and Green (our cats) will miss them when that time comes.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about my life as an artist -- what affects my process, what I have accomplished, what influences my thoughts. The truth is my life as an artist has had no production and no accomplishments. It has, however, had a great many new influences this year. I have learned a lot through Lucy's eyes and will through Belle's as well before they move. I hope when I return my dismantled studio to the rooms now occupied by my daughter and her little ones, I will approach my work with renewed enthusiasm, vigor and understanding.

Someone recently suggested celebrating Christmas with young children. Well, I have had the joy of Christmas every day. On this last day of 2007, for this I am grateful.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, please accept my apologies for the scarcity of posts over the last few weeks. Once again I have attempted to complete partially finished entries and to edit photos so that my personal record will be a little more complete. So, if you get a blog-update email or two or three in the next day or so, it may just be an past-due Post. Read it or not.
I appreciate the comments and personal emails which this year has brought, I thank you and wish for you a Happy New Year.



KJ said...

I figured as much... yes, I've missed your posts, pictures of life through the eyes of your little cuties. It does change ones perspective, doesn't it? I've had those years with little art produced but the ledger doesn't show all that was accomplished. Some experiences don't tally well, you just have to know they were there. I'm recognizing that my g-kids are growing up and finding less and less time to spend with me... yikes! Enjoy while they are young and think you hung the moon! Art will wait.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks for missing me, Karen. Having little ones around means past-due library books, blogs and other stuff. Yes, most of the time they think I hung the moon, but today, I've been crabby! I do hope that the ledger will eventually show some progress. Happy New Year.

CMC said...

Ah, yes, Annette! Your art isn't gone, only taking a little breather. It's also through living our lives, we have something to make art about. Sometimes this isn't explict and exposed for the world to see, but we will see it as time goes on.

I'm looking forward to your posts about your renewed painting and writing.

Annette Bush said...

I'll be interested in reading them as well. I never know quite what's going to come out when I begin to blog.