Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just as I approached the second anniversary of this blog, I suddenly had no time to blog! Is that a conundrum or a quandary?

Perhaps it is a paradox -- when there is time to write, there is little to write about!

I've been reading about:
15 things to NOT do in your blog
12 things which will bring more readers
5 links which you must have
7 ways to make money with your blog
10 effective ways. . . .

Oh, dear! I just need to get the words down and posted.

I didn't think I would make it this far and sometimes I have to do some back-tracking and catch-up, but it has served as a good sounding board for me. The process of turning visual images into words and organizing thoughts has been a good thing for me.

I think I'll just keep posting some quotes and links; make a few personal observations, share a creative idea or two and season all with a few photos or sketches.

Happy BlogDay to me!


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