Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding the Joy in Going

It's that time of year. I watched the birds swirl in a symphony of movement across the sky and listened to the chatter of the river geese checking the nests behind my house to see when the little ones will be ready to travel. I wondered if it is too early to visit my little house in the country to hang the hammock, renew the wood shavings on the floor, repair winter storm damage and spend time in the quiet. I talked with a friend about cruises and bus trips and flights that others seem to enjoy and a trip to the house in the country seemed just plain dull.

And then I met the bag lady. Lucy and I do the weekly BIG shopping and I usually take my own groceries out to the car, but this week I had a few too many so we accepted a little help. As the bagger placed my purchases in the car, we chatted about proper bagging techniques and I mentioned the packing of one bag a couple of weeks ago. She replied that she wasn't working two weeks ago because she was on her anniversary honeymoon.

I almost let this comment slip by, but there was something about her demeanor which demanded that I ask. I thought perhaps she had just gotten married, but no, she was indeed on an 'anniversary' honeymoon.' I asked where she went, thinking again of those cruises, bus trips and flights. She named the tiny county seat near my little house. She glowed when she talked about their week together at a friend's place even though her husband spent most of his time fishing. She spoke about the area as if it were Paris or Cancun or the Great Wall of China -- an area where I can go as often as I like!

I was reminded by the birds, the river geese and the bag lady. It's not about where you go; it's about finding the joy in going.



Nita said...

A lovely thought, Annette. And I'll be watching for your geese when they pass through.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks, Nita. Give a wave to my geese.

I was just stunned when the 'bag lady' told me, with such obvious pleasure, where she went. It's true that she probably crossed a state line, but her attitude could not have been better if she had crossed continents. It always does me good to have a reminder to appreciate what I have.

Martha Marshall said...

How beautiful, Annette. How true.