Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lessons from Lucy: Making Mud

Rule number one for many artists is "Never Make Mud." Watercolorists are often in a tizzy after over-working, glazing over wet pigment and just muddling the painting. Oil painters are not immune -- in my one college painting class, I made lovely mud! And writers can truly make murky paragraphs filled with inaccurate words and too many points of view.

Lucy has a spirit of "Joyous Naughtiness" about her (another good rule when trying out new things.} She learned about the fun of Making Mud when I bought her some new rain boots and we found the perfect puddle of water during one of our walks.

She carefully tested the water and loved scooting back and forth. There were Smiles.

She suddenly decided that jumping would be a good thing -- water splashed over everyone. There was Laughter.

Finally, she realized that the water had turned dark and muddy. Uh. Oh! There were Frowns.

She was dismayed at the condition of her beautiful pink boots. She was sure they were ruined. After being assured that the boots could be easily cleaned, she was ready for more scooting, splashing and mud-making. She knows when she's ready to be serious about what she's doing; something many of us never learn.

She won't be told "Never Make Mud." However, she will certainly have to learn the difference between Sunday patent leather Mary Janes and rubber boots with "Kitty Faces."

Not a bad thing:Making Mud.



Walker said...

awwww, Annette, you're so lucky!

CMC said...

what wonderful she's having.....and time she won't forget with her Gran, too.

Annette Bush said...

Yes, I know, Robin. It has been a terrific year!

Cheryl, Lucy has a great time as most 2 year olds do. She is such a delight, it is hard to go places without her; people always want to know where she is. I do hope she will remember a little of this time -- if only as warm fuzzies!