Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks To Google Alerts!

Bless Google Alerts!  Through frequent email notifications, I have learned that "Annette Bush" is a realtor, a graphic designer, a politician, a columnist, a teacher . . . . and that two of my paintings are listed on eBay.

Last month, I had received an email about two of my original paintings which had been acquired by a new owner. She asked about the value and wanted to know the "story" behind the work -- sounded like someone who loved the work! When I read the titles, I distinctly remembered the twenty year old paintings, so I replied and gave little thought after that, except to wonder about no "Thanks for the info."

So last week, when the email from Google Alerts mentioned those paintings, I followed the link and discovered that the new owner now has no use for them and wishes to sell them on eBay. She has linked to my website for further information, but says this:
"Annette Bush is a native of Augusta, Georgia, but has lived and worked all over the Southern United States, as well as Japan and France. She is primarily known as a watercolorist, but also paints in oils, has illustrated books, and is also an active teacher and a Fine Arts and Crafts Juror at many exhibitions and festivals."

Makes me sound okay, I guess. Just not good enough to meet her reserve price, so the paintings are listed again. I hope she gets her money, but I wish she had been honest in her inquiry and just said she wanted to sell them. (And I wish she had taken better photos!)

In theater, delivery of the mail is often portrayed as an exciting event filled with letters and news from far distances. The Internet has joined the mail delivery in keeping us up to date with news and information, sometimes in unexpected ways -- thanks to Google Alerts!
BushStrokes (c) AAB

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Joyce said...

Annette, I too use Google Alerts. I have a namesake in Yuma and another who has a maple tree (syrup) farm. Recently my obit appeared at age 86! I should be so lucky to live that long. I haven't seen many artists that share my name.

Too bad that people aren't honest. It would seem to me that being honest about selling your artwork after contacting you would be the right thing to do. It's (almost) like giving up on the kids that you formerly loved!