Monday, April 07, 2008

A Walk on The Beach

The low-country crawfish boil in middle South Carolina started under a cloudy sky.

It was a fun party which we shared with peacocks, goats, kittens (including "Bob" who used to live with us), pens of puppies, turkeys and chickens.

Lucy wasn't sure she liked the huge peacocks or the turkeys, but KNEW she didn't like the crawfish.

It seemed that the sun absorbed as much of the red delicacies as the guests and I was delighted to see a red sky.

I hope it heralds the end of our week-long rain spell since I will be driving to Hilton Head Island for my annual visit with friends -- one from Arizona and one from Virgina. I NEED a walk on the beach!

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Martha Marshall said...

Gorgeous pictures Annette! Are you sure you don't want to paint one of them?

Joyce said...

Thanks for giving the link for the Southern Watercolor Society painting exhibits. I will return to see more years or work. I love those paintings!