Sunday, June 15, 2008

Color of the Week: Candlelight

We celebrated all week by the candlelight of Belle's First Birthday (along with an evening by candlelight when the power was out after a major thunder storm.)

Belle didn't really understand about blowing out the candles so wasted no time waiting for the cake to be cut before carefully tasting the frosting. She has become a delightful toddler exploring everything in my not-so-child proof house. She and sister Lucy will continue to live in our house for a few more months. What a gift for me!


JUNE 11, 20007 What a year it has been since I stood at my daughter's head and waited for the delivery of this little dynamo.

JULY 07 "Can you believe this was my mamma's dress?"

AUGUST 07 "This is my favorite dress."

SEPTEMBER 07 "My favorite things: swinging with a dolly and a snack. Well, the snack is gone, but. . ."

OCTOBER 07 "Come on down. The floor is great."
NOVEMBER 07 "I just LOVE shiny things!"

DECEMBER 07 "I think he's hiding something over there."

JANUARY 08 "Are you driving or am I?"

FEBRUARY 08 "Where did those things come from?"
MARCH 08 "This is a VERY good book."
APRIL 08 "They said this would make me get a tooth!"

MAY 08 "Lucy, where do you think this firetruck is going?"

JUNE 08 "Just give me a balloon and every day's a party!"

"I can't wait until my next birthday. Now that I have a tooth and can walk, just watch me grow."
BushStrokes (c) AAB

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