Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Color of the Week: Gone

This eighty year old oak has been the view from my front porch for quite some time. It has lost some limbs and has needed trimming as have others. It has been home to squirrels and many kinds of birds, including a couple of woodpeckers and an owl or two. Most of the trees in the neighborhoods were planted after the 1916 Fire destroyed all the homes and trees in about 40 blocks. Now they are falling, or dropping limbs, or just threatening and someone has decided to do something.

Yesterday, I heard trucks and noises and discovered this scene: At 7:24am.

Soon after, I returned to the porch for this view: At 9:08.

As I left my house to take a short cruise on the Savannah River, I stopped for this shot: At 10:01.

When I returned, this is what I found: At 1:07

Except for the large trunk which I assume will be removed later this week, (and which by the way shows no rot) the tree, along with almost fifty others, is gone.

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are writing again!!! I missed you,


Anonymous said...

Me too, I've been checking and checking.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks, LS & JST!
The writing and/or posting is still spasmodic at best, but I'm glad to have faithful checkers - er, um, readers.