Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Wish I Made Paintings Like That

Jim said, "It was a difficult concert."

I agreed.

I had watched the hands and feet moving across the keyboards and pedals as if the organist were weightless. The discordant notes of Locklair's The Aeolian Sonata handled with power and confidence. Ragtime by Diemer which was written for pedals only was teased by the feet. The Bach Toccata was danced through with grace. The three parts of Larsen's Aspects of Glory were strange, yet joyous, and . . . .

"Yes." I agreed. "It WAS a difficult concert.

Then, Jim said. "We usually have only one or two difficult pieces on a program. We're not used to this."

AH. I understood. This was a difficult program for the AUDIENCE. Again. I agreed.

W. David Lynch had had a great time in his performance while we struggled to listen. Indeed, he had said, "This was probably more fun for me than for you!" He did not play down to his notion of who the audience might be in this series of free concerts where his former student is the Music Director. He played what he knew and loved! For many of us, it was "Wow! I didn't understand some of it, but it was wonderful."

I wish I made paintings like that.

NOTE: W. David Lynch was presented as part of Concerts With A Cause at St. John United Methodist Church . The concerts are underwritten by donors and the Intermission offering goes to a local Cause.

Photo: Three Planes
A tickley throat and a cough meant I spent a portion of the concert in the foyer. "Three Planes" was shot with my iPhone through the glass door into the sanctuary reflecting the windows behind me and including the video screen which shows Mr. Lynch's hands.

BushStrokes (c) AAB


Anonymous said...

There used to be a member of our church named Davoid Lynch about our age. Don't supposed he is the same. He was a preacher.

Martha Marshall said...

I wish I wrote like that. Like you, I mean. ;)

Annette Bush said...

David Lynch joined the faculty of Meridith College in Raleigh in 1969 so he could have been trained as a minister along with his music, but I don't think so. He also has been Organist-Choirmaster at Christ Church, Episcopal since 1971.
He is a superb organist.

Annette Bush said...

Oh, Martha, you do know how to boost an ego! I just write the words which come out. Sometimes, later, I will read it cold and am surprised.

I have been loving your blog and all the great new work. I have spent most of my computer time trying to get back in the swing of blog entries, so I have not commented much, but you are really doing some good stuff.