Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quote 0f the Week: What Works Best

"For me, photos as direct references tend to get in the way. . . . The photos of things I like and notice have their own importance to me -- quite separate from paintings that arise from memories or visual impressions of those things."

Rebecca Crowell
in her blog "Rebecca Crowell Art"

Looking back on the images I have selected to accompany my blog, I have noticed that, quite often, they don't seem to "match" what I'm writing; yet, put together, they make a connection for me. I understand Rebecca's statement that they tend to get in the way as direct references.

I don't want to paint a photograph or write a snapshot. I want the photograph to help me share a "memory or impression."

Sometimes I forget what works best.

Photo: The Path
BushStrokes (c) AAB

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