Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anticipated RETURN

I used to paint on sweat shirts. I had a chance to do it again yesterday.

I have been reading about artists who are using a variety of materials - whether to emphasize the transient nature of the environment or some other kind of statement - I'm not sure I get it. But yesterday, I dribbled a bright Alizarin on my favorite pale green sweatshirt. The one which matches my favorite Crocs. ® I hope this is one of those transient art pieces, but I'm not sure how well blood will wash away.

Yep. I was walking my little dog, jogged a few steps and hit the sidewalk. It's very undignified to crash on the green in my historic neighborhood, so I managed to get up, pouring blood from several places. I spread blood down my shirt and all over my iPhone as I called for help.

A visit to the emergency room in the hospital where I was born assured me that I have a bruised chin, forehead, hand and knee (BTW carpet burn is more fun than concrete burn.) The big ones are two black eyes, a sprained wrist (now in a splint) and . . . a broken nose!

I'm hoping that these colors will go away as well.

When I selected my word of the year, painted sweatshirts and the old hospital were not how I anticipated RETURN."

Phone photos: : My Spattered Shirt; My ER close-up
Anticipated RETURN

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SRB said...

The sidewalk's pretty, too!

Martha Marshall said...

Oh, Annette! That hurts. I'm so sorry. Heal fast!!

Annette Bush said...

If the sidewalk looks like me, it is definitely not pretty!

Martha, it doesn't hurt much today. I suspect tomorrow will be painful.