Saturday, January 23, 2010

Color of the Week - Marshmallow

"It's a marshmallow world in the winter, When the snow comes to cover the ground". . .

Problem is. . . we don't get much snow in middle Georgia just south of the fall line. But, we bundle a little when the wind blows fluffy clouds in the cold blue sky, sprinkle marshmallows in mugs of hot chocolate and hope for "a whipped cream day."

Lucy and Belle made snowmen with big marshmallows, kisses and M&Ms.

We toasted mini-marshmallows on skewers in the flame of the dinner table candles -- they were supposed to go over warm brownies, but were perfect by themselves.

Lucy wore her snowflake dress with fluffy white trim and a fur hat on her red hair like a spun sugar confection.

The big white cats, Green and Vinnie, melted together at nap time. A double purring marshmallow.

And Sugar Plum Princess came to live at our house, frightened and recently shaved of fur which was dirty and matted after her days on the street. We didn't learn much about her from the folks at the pound, but we do know she likes tiny treats and the spot on her forehead is a delicious bit of fluff.

. . . "so what if (there's no snow,) In winter it's a marshmallow world!"

The perfect color for this week: marshmallow.

Lyrics by Carl Sigman -- lyrics

BushStrokes text and photos(c) AAB

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