Monday, February 08, 2010

Quote of the Day: Ask Lucy

This is definitely art galleriable.

4 year old Lucy

After Christmas, my daughters and I were visiting among the boxes of ornaments and decorations when Lucy called us to attention. "Now be quiet, everyone, and put on your Museum manners."

When we were quiet, she conducted a little role play -- a museum tour of the "galleries" and paintings in the house. We didn't move, but she presented a narrated tour of the rooms and some of my most colorful paintings.

At one point, Lucy asked us to wait a bit while she checked to see which gallery she needed to go into to find "Sea Biscuit," her favorite painting at the Museum (although I do have a "horse" painting.) At another point, she tried to use the word "valuable," but declared that anyway it was "definitely art galleriable."

Lucy used her newly coined term -- "definitely art galleriable" -- several times during her tour and I have thought of the term since. I have considered my paintings and tried to determine which are satisfactory, which look good on the walls and which are "definitely art galleriable."

I think I might have to Ask Lucy.

Photos of Lucy at her white board
Photos and text of BushStrokes (c) AAB


Anonymous said...

Judy sasy, "How precious and precocious!"

Annette Bush said...

When you take them to the museum each month, you never know whether any of it "takes" or not. This was a surprise and fun few minutes.

Anonymous said...

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CMC said...

They soak in everything, don't they? Great post.

Annette Bush said...

Thanks, Cheryl. Glad you liked the post. Aren't you amazed at the times your grandchildren show you new ways of thinking?! I love it.

Anonymous. I'm not sure how much you'll find here, but hope you'll enjoy reading my ramblings.

Anonymous said...

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