Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those Red Switches

It was a quick trip to Edgefield County -- Home of Ten Governors including our Cousin Strom.

As we turned off the main highway onto the little country roads which snake through groves of Carolina peaches, I was struck by the color of late afternoon. We became part of the golden glow from the setting sun which spread over the landscape and its rows of perfectly pruned peach trees.

But, wait! There was something else. . . there was RED! Slender red branches rising from each peach tree and adding to the surreal view. Skinny red stems waiting for the first pale pink blossoms of spring! Yard-long red switches preparing for the weight of a summer harvest.

Our drive was in search of misplaced classroom keys but, in a landscape which just last week was sharply defined by an unusual snowfall and gnarly black trunks, we found the unexpected stirrings of spring. In the middle of winter, we found Spring just showing her colors and getting ready.

Yes, there is inspiration in those red switches.

BushStrokes Text and Images (c) AAB

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