Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Unlikely Connections

Yesterday, daughter Susan and I made our weekly trip with my mother to her old family farm. We have been clearing away debris from a tenant of fifty years! Although my grandmother has not lived there since 1947, it has been amazing to find things which actually belonged to her or which she had made. I am well into my Grandmother Narratives and have completed the painting which represents her, but the painting and the findings match -- the old metal dipper, the crocheted bowl covers and the remnants of her flower beds. They have the spirit of Agnes.

This week, we worked in the kitchen and found an old wooden spoon. It was one which I had painted with strawberries and daisies some time in the 70s and had given to our tenant who was also our friend. Perhaps I need to paint a self-portrait in The Grandmother Narratives.


Joyce said...

Annette, I didn't know you had a blog either. I have all the blogs from this group in my Blog folder and read them now and again.

I really identify with you using the objects of your grandmother for painting ideas. I think you read my website (which no longer exists as I changed ISPs) but I painted objects such as my pink potty that I was trained on. My daughter has the three pictures I painted hanging, appropriately, in her bathroom.

I find that the emotional attachment to the person transfers to the object and the painting is then embued with strong emotion.

Do you find that too?

Annette said...

Sorry I didn't find this earlier. Yes, I do find that the attachment is there. This series about women (grandmothers) has been interesting. I put things in the paintings and then discover that I am right about the object.

Thanks for looking. Your daily paintings are so-o-o nice.