Friday, February 24, 2006

Birthday Greetings!

It's "Sharing Celebrations" Friday, so you'll find Winslow Homer at the Current BioGem on my website. (link is also on sidebar)
While I was doing the research this week, I spotted this painting which Homer did in 1872 -- "Sunlight and Shadow" which is at Cooper-Hewitt, the Smithsonian. My information says it is an oil on canvas -- I'm betting not. I think it's a watercolor. The size, palette and brushstrokes match quite a few other landscapes which he did in watercolor that year.

I thought it looked familiar. The girl in the hammock could easily be my daughter, Susan, whose birthday is also today! These are photos of our hammock at our summer house. It's rare to find the hammock empty of folks reading books or taking naps or both.

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