Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Into The Sun

Last night, my sister called to ask if I would send her some photos of "The Gates" and other New York sites. I told her she could still see the pictures on my website at the Flat Stanley Story.

After our conversation, I realized that this is the Anniversary of the Big Adventure. On Saturday in 2005, we left our homes; Gail said it best in her journal, "I will fly into the sun and participate in whatever happens."

Happen, it did! On Sunday, we were introduced to Central Park's The Gates in the February sunshine by our friend Anna West and, on Monday, we traveled through the snow to meet her for a visit to DIA: Beacon. The rest of the two weeks was filled with similar stuff that artists do - no marathon shopping, a show or two, but mostly art and conversations about art.

I am amazed that I forgot to mark the beginning of those two weeks when we traveled into the sun. They have affected all of my days since.

(This was the last of the days in the sun.)

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