Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sometimes A Mentor Finds You

This week has been an odd one. I began writing this blog. I asked about a mentor. I wrote about just learning something new. I wrote about unlikely connections. Things began to happen.

This week, zipping through cyberspace, a request came to my email artists' community for someone with art history knowledge. With the confidence which comes after kind words from friends, I blithely replied that I would be interested in knowing about the project. Several days passed and I thought little of it. Suddenly there was an email in ALL CAPS!!! and a couple of phone calls to 'check your mail!'

The opportunity is way beyond my imagination and it is a scary prospect. My friend, Brenda, said, "Just do it now! I'm in your corner; I'll help you." I could think of many reasons why I couldn't do it. I am in the middle of the series of large paintings called "The Grandmother Narratives." I am preparing for a month-long residency in France. Granddaughter Lucy sat alone today for the first time. The pansies need watering!

So I read my own blog, listened to the encouragement and support of my friends and to the sound of their fingers crossing and took the first step. Now I am waiting!

Oh! And I have a mentor!

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