Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Random Thoughts From My Inbox

I am tying up the loose ends before the month in France and noticed these bits and pieces in my emails. Unlike the other artists who will be in residence, I don't have my bags packed and don't know what I will work on. But . . . . This is what happens when there is much to do and 8 days before the plane leaves Atlanta. I get a little crazy.

While there, I will just content myself "with a joy ride in a paint box," (1) pour ainsi dire. (2a) After all, "I'm not 40, um, 50, um OK - 60 plus, I'm $59.95 plus shipping and handling" (3) and I can be described as having "unique brilliance and clarity, more permanence that ever before, produc{ing}es breathtaking washes with ease and {offering a} savings of nearly 40% per mil over the 14 ml size, (4) et ainsi de suite. . . . (2b)

I promise to blog a little and maybe post some photos. But I hope you won't mind if I'm just too busy. La jalousie (2c) is a terrible thing, you know! hehe.

(1) A reference to Winston Churchill's quote in Robert Genn's artists newsletter
(2) Phrases from http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/2006/03/ainsi.html "ainsi" and "la jalousie" meaning 'so to speak, 'and so on' and 'jealousy.'
(3) Quoted by my high school friend, Donna, in a list of funny signs. I added the decades!
(4) Descriptions of larger sized tubes of Winsor Newton Pigment by ASW art supply folks.


KJ said...

Very clever! Very, very clever! This will be great fun!

Annette said...

Ah, oui, pour ainsi dire! ;-] I have really enjoyed the French Word A Day column and now get her dh's weekly wine column. I'm really not learning much. Just getting my head ready for adventure.

Pat said...

$59.95 plus tax and shipping! I love it. Fits perfectly as we never know exactly how much that will turn out to be!