Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday - Day 17

This morning, I slipped out of the house and clipped some dew covered grasses as a nest for some pastel covered chocolate KISSES from the Bunny. (We had eaten the little EGGS I brought with me at the going away soup party for Debbie and Kong Yee. The kisses at the party were "Bisou, Bisou.")

Later, there was a Huge Easter Party planned for the sculpture shed across the green from our house. I helped with the table decorations by picking FAT yellow dandelions (which I learned were called "pis en lit"), little white asters and lilacs for nestling in ivy sprays on the table. I added the rest of the Kisses to the peanut dishes which were alternated with the most vivid dyed eggs I've ever seen. The Party lasted from 2:00 on Sunday afternoon until Monday morning at 9:00 . . . Christophe and Nicolae hosted this perfect day!

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