Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Leftover Parties Are The Best! - Day 18

April 17
This was a busy day with some housekeeping chores, some studio time and a few sketches. Although everyone was tired after the party, (even those who were NOT there all night - gypsy drums, Elvis 50s music and laughter had kept us awake!) we gathered in the kitchen of Josep for leftovers and real "French" Onion Soup. There were twelve voices around the table with accents from England to Southern US to Romania to France to Belgium with a smattering of Germany and Andorra. It was a great party for the beginning of spring.

Tonight, the moon was perfectly aligned to shine through my window and a gentle breeze moved the newly budding trees.


Joyce said...

These sketches are so nice to look at! They remind me of the ones Rembrandt did--the same kind of looseness, directness and and variety in making marks. I especially like the larger ones when you click on the picture.

Annette said...

Wow! What a lovely compliment! Rembrandt, huh? Maybe it came from not trying too hard. I just let the pen do the talkin'. Directness is a true description since I didn't depend on preliminary pencil lines and the marks just seemed to reflect my mood.

BTW. Rembrandt was quite a remarkable character. Might be fun to be as uninhibited as he. Just for a month or so!