Monday, April 03, 2006

Market Day and Carnivale Night - Day 3

April 2
Even though we had shopped at Inter Marché on the drive from Toulouse and added a few more items from the local episcerie, we were excited about exploring the market. Ellie and John let us tour their 'new' 2nd home at Ste. Colombe before leading us to Espéraza. After shopping, we toured their real home and 'borrowed' their Internet. Karen and I bought cheese, bread, vegetables and sausage for soup, a market basket and a round table cloth for our big table. I also bought some purple and white violas for the front terrace and Karen bought 2 real coffee mugs since neither of us could get used to the large French coffee bowls. . . .

This quick sketch was completed while we gathered for coffee at the edge of the market. It was a beautiful day by the River Aude.

We sat in the back garden and lunched on the goodies from the market while Ellie watered the newly opened red tulips.

Finally, all emails had been sent, Karen had talked on the phone with Joel and we loaded the cars for the drive to Ste Colombe.

Raya cleaned the house and Karen down-loaded photos. I planted our welcoming flowers in a little planter box from the back terrace. Karen made soup and we christened our newly decorated table. Christophe brought firewood for another evening. . . . We had arranged our supplies in the studio on Saturday, so we think we are ready . . .

Maison du Cerisiers - OUR house!
". . . tiled roofs, 16 inch walls, shutters the color of Monet's Bridge. Windows overlooking a vast green lawn sprinkled with the colors of the Fecos confetti in Limoux, yellow dandelions, purples, pinks, and whites. Other windows opening like a tree house in the tops of the cherry trees. . . ."

On Sunday evening, Robin, Debbie and I went to Limoux -- one of the villages built by decree with a central square flanked by archades, a market area and ..... It was perfect for carnivale.
Here is some of the text from the drawing:

. . . . and we notice a gathering of costumes. They moved very slowly to the music of a very old band. The 'Fecos' threw confetti and smiled through their white masks. After the band, there was a whole group of really bizarre characters. (a little note: Later, I realized that they reminded me, not of Halloween characters, but of Tououse-Lautrec's night people.) At the end of the block, everyone stopped and had a drink or two. Then they gathered again to go another block. . . .this continued around the square until midnight and the burning of Monsieur Carnivale -- symbolic of burning all the sins which are confessed during Lent.

What a fun and interesting evening, but a long way home on dark roads with hairpin curves!

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