Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Making a Tour or Two -- Day 4

April 3
Today, our group of seven plus one were joined by Chin Kong Yee -- a photographer/painter from Malaysia. He is staying in Maison du Poupees! Catherine gave us all a tour of the Center facilities which includes housing with thirteen bedrooms, 5 or 8 studios, a large exhibition hall in the old Comb factory, three resident sculptors, beautiful grounds and auxiliary buildings at LaForge and Gramont. There is also a large four story house which will eventually be restored. The two complexes are about a mile apart.

Karen stayed to work in the studio. I returned to the house to shampoo and cut away the burned hair from a too hot curling iron -- it's what happens when a converter doesn't work! Later, I picked her up and we decided to explore by car for photo and sketching opportunities. We met Ellie on a side street, saw Kong Yee walking near the cemetery and gathered them both into the excursion. We drove to Puivert and Ellie smartly parked near the lake. Karen and I missed her little blue car and drove to the top of the mountain and the chateau!

After some sketching and photographing, Ellie went back to Espéraza and we returned home by the longer way -- closer to the foothills of the Pyrenees -- promising to return for a closer look at Montseger and Belésta.

We have had some interesting adventures in our little car whenever one of use says "Take that road!!" usually a tiny, rocky or hilly one -- 45-60 degree switchback rocky climb to Puivert, 60 degree paved deadend street in Chalabre with no turnaround and - OUR FAVORITE: a rocky hiker's path along a ridge. (Who knew? It had nice yellow markings on rocks and trees!)

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