Thursday, April 06, 2006

Observing, Exploring and Discovering - Day 6

April 5
We must remember to observe 01:02:03-04/05/06 (Oops, we forgot!)

A quick trip to Chalabre before getting in the studio turned out to be longer and more interesting than just a stop at the market and the ATM. (Actually, the market had been on another day!)

We were overheard [chattering at the ATM in our mostly Southern American accents] by Randy Lofficier and her dog, Maggie. We have been reading her blog about life in Chalabre after living in LA.

She knew we were coming to the Aude and had been invited to our welcome party at La Forge on Sunday but mistakenly went to Ellie's in Espéraza instead. We had a delightful morning touring her house where she and Jean-Marc have writing studios overlooking the ancient streets. We stopped at the tabac/presse and bought Randy's new book "Over There" which she autographed. (I hope you can decipher my drawing of their very interesting house. Each room is on a different level and is actually much deeper than I show on the drawing.)

We finished our shopping at a boulangerie, episcerie and charcuterie (where there were actually 3 stores!) and bought beautiful breads, vegetables and fruits. Later, we went to the studio and discovered that new images and light make it much harder to get "real" painting done. It's as if we are all beginners. . . .


Joyce said...

Such an interesting house plan!

Annette said...

Apparently, at some point, it was two houses which have been connected. It is considered a handicap and so their taxes are less! The sunlight down the stairwell is marvelous. A